Sustainable Development

Sustainability Report

CSR Policies and Approaches

The company is determined to advance its sugar and related businesses ethically and responsibly. Its commitment towards stakeholders, communities, society, and environments are detailed as follow:

Corporate Governance

The company aims to become part of a leading organization in Thailand. To this effect, it looks to promote sustainable growth, to build good reputation and credibility amongst its investors and other stakeholders, to adopt ethical business practices and to strictly follow good corporate governance guidelines.

Respect for Human Rights

The company supports the principle of human rights. To this effect, it will conduct activities that support human rights and the right to freedom. The company believes in the principle of equality and will not tolerate discrimination of race, age, and gender. It is also against the use of child labor and any form of corruption. At present, the Company is in the process of applying for no child labor and no force labor workplace certification

Fair Employee Treatment

The company will give fair compensation to its employees at the level that is appropriate to the industrial environment of Thailand and any changes in the organizational structure will be done responsibility and in accordance with the law of Thailand. The company created an Employee Benefit Committee so that its employees can participate in the management of the benefits that they will received. The objectives are to provide further benefits to employees so that they can work happily and more efficiently. The company also created a provident fund that would help employees save and invest money towards their retirement. The company received its TLS 8001-2553 certificate, the highest recognition for businesses that operate with social responsibility from Department of Labor Protection and Welfare of Thailand and has been maintaining the same standard for 8 consecutive year. Additionally, the company created Health and Safety Committee to oversee the health and safety policy and practice at all its factories. The committee is responsible for regularly testing safety alarms, placing fire extinguishers at appropriate locations, organizing fire drills and related training.

Care for the Environment

The company has in place an environmental policy that strictly follows the government law and regulation as well as other environmental standards such that it may be able to reduce and/or eliminate waste systematically. It also has put in place measures to ensure the efficiency of its waste management and collect data to compare and improve its waste reduction performance. For example, at its sugar mills, the company use ESP (Electro Static Preciptator) technology to catch dust from heating the steamer; at ethanol plant, the waste water from production is used to mixed with filter cake (by product of making sugar) to make bio-fertilizer that is environmentally friendly and good for local cane farmers. Prior to the start of any new project that may negatively affect the environment and local communities, the company will first conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) first so that it may analyze the positive and negative results from the project and set policies to prevent and reduce its environmental impact.

Adopt Good Business Ethics

The company intends to conduct its operations ethically, in compliance with the law and societal practice, and remain politically neutral.

Customer and Supplier Care

The company place great importance in producing high quality sugar that is safe for human consumption. It also aims to continuously provide good service to its customers and suppliers and hope that in return, the company will receive the same high quality and service from them and therefore able to build a longstanding relationships.

Community participation and development

The company considers the needs of the community and the importance of people as vehicle of building strong and ethical communities. It supports activities that help educate people, build strong culture and society, and improve quality of everyone’s life. The company encourages its employees to participate and volunteer in all activities that will positively serve society.

Additionally, the company’s management strongly supports his majesty King Rama 9th “Sufficiency Economy” philosophy. The company established AgriNature Center on its KSL Riverkwai estate located in Kanchanaburi province. This center becomes a member to the AgriNature Foundation that is founded to help people put his majesty’s philosophy into practice. The company systematically promotes this philosophy to its employees and to interested individuals from the communities surrounding its factories through hands-on training at the AgriNature Center so that they may adopt his majesty’s sufficiency economy philosophy and used it in their daily life.

The company believes that its continuous efforts in its various different CSR programs can help improve the quality of life of its stakeholders and help the company and the society at large to build a sustainable future together.


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