Corporate Governance Policy

In 2020/2021, the Corporate Governance Committee held altogether 3 meetings, whereby 100 percent of the committee members attended the meetings, to perform its duties according to the scope of responsibilities specified in the Corporate Government Committee’s Charter, the results of which were then reported to the Board of Directors every time, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Consider reviewing the corporate governance policy. (Review No. 5, 2021)
The working group has proposed the consideration of reviewing the Company's corporate governance policy (Review No. 5 B.E. 2021) to be effective from June 11, 2021, onwards. The Office of Company Secretary and Law has revised the Company's Corporate Governance Policy in accordance with the current work as follows:

1.1. Eliminate the name of the Executive Committee from being a member of the Sub-Committees of the Company According to the resolutions of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 7/2019-2020 dated October 30, 2020, details are as follows:
“Sub-committees in the Board of Directors: The Board of Directors appoints sub-committees comprising the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Risk Management Committee, and the Corporate Governance Committee to oversee the management and alleviate the duties of the Board. In this regard, the Board of Directors may appoint additional committees called by other names as necessary and appropriate.

1.2 Improve channels for providing information on wrongdoing and corruption of the Human Resources Division
Human Resources Manager Tel. 02-642-6191-9 ext. 969 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
•Review the Anti-Corruption and Corruption Measures Manual 2021 Review the Anti-Corruption Measures Manual 2021 to be consistent with the revision of the Corporate Governance Policy, Review No. 4/2020. There are two significant excerpts from the text as follows.


2020 Edition (Original)

2021 Edition (Revised)

1. Anti-Corruption Measure Policy Year 2021 (Page 1)

Article 3. The Company has no policy to provide financial or indirect support to any politician or political party for the benefit of that politician or political party.

- Eliminated number 3 -


2. Political Assistance Policy (Page 8, Paragraph 2)

The Company has no policy to provide financial or indirect support to any politician or political party for the benefit of that politician or political party. In addition, the Company has established guidelines for preventing political assistance by the authorized person following the manual on the authority to disapprove transactions related to political assistance to the requesting agency and assigned to the Internal Audit Department to review the relevant items systematically.

- Eliminated the subject -


  • The Committee annually revised the Corporate Governance Committee’ Charter.
  • The Committee annually revised the practices of the Company at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to ensure that it be in accordance with the laws, rules, and good practices, which included the giving of rights to shareholders to propose an issue for inclusion in the meeting agendas and to nominate persons for election as directors.
  • The Committee regularly monitored the operations of the Company to ensure that it be in accordance with the good corporate governance principle for listed companies of 2017 as well as the policy on corporate governance of the Company.
  • The Committee monitored and acknowledged the report on activities implementing the Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • The Committee annually revised the self-assessment forms of the Board of Directors and individual directors.
  • The Committee acknowledged the assessment as “excellent” conducted by the corporate governance survey of Thai listed companies of 2020, as well as the recommendations for improvement of corporate governance under the CGR Project of 2020 as organized by the Thai Institute of Directors, and provided recommendations for improvements to the Company.
  • The Committee acknowledged the result of quality assessment on organizing the annual general meeting of shareholders of 2021 at 100 percent

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