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The company is a group of sugar manufacturers whose quality management system is certified by SQF 2000, ISO 9001: 2000, and Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) accreditations. Sugar produced by the KSL group can be divided into five categories according to their types and levels of purity as follows:

Very High Polarization Sugar

High pol sugar has a color index between 1,000 - 1,500 ICUMSA. It can be consumed without any further process needed. Generally, the sugar is put in sacks before being transported. It is priced lower than white sugar and refined sugar.

Raw Sugar

Raw sugar has a color index higher than 1,500 ICUMSA. It is dark brown, and has a high dirt index and a low purity index. Transfer is done in bulk without the use of sacks. This type of sugar cannot be consumed until it is refined or purified, turning into white sugar or refined sugar.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar has a color index that does not exceed 45 ICUMSA. It is especially high in purity. The sugar is used in certain industries where highly pure sugar is needed, such as pharmaceutical industry, carbonated beverage industry, and energy drink industry.

White Sugar

White sugar has a color index between 46 – 200 ICUMSA with a degree of polarization not lower than 99.50. It is widely consumed among households and used as a raw material in food industries where moderate purity is required.


Molasses is a valuable by-product obtained from sugar production. It contains 20% water, 30% sucrose, 32% invert sugar, 12% non-sugar organic substance, and 6% ash. From one ton of sugarcane, the corporate sugar factories have capacity to manufacture between 45-50 kilograms of molasses. An amount of molasses produced in a year depends on a quantity of sugarcane crushed in the year. Molasses can be widely used in such biochemistry industries as alcohol and distilling industry, yeast industry, monosodium glutamate industry, animal food industry (where molasses is mixed with cassavas and bagasse), vinegar industry, and soy sauce and seasoning sauce brewing industry.


Bagasse is the fibrous material remaining after the last extraction of juice from sugarcane. Now the company uses burned bagasse as a source of energy for electricity and steam generation used in sugar manufacturing process.

Filter Cake

Filter cake is a residue from vacuum filtration. It can be used as a raw material for general-purpose fertilizer. In the past, the company gives away filter cake to sugarcane farmers to promote sugarcane plantation in nearby areas. After the company’s subsidiary has continuously operated alcohol and chemical production, wastewater from the factory can be mixed with filter cake and biodecomposed to produce organic fertilizer that is suitable for sugarcane plantation. This completes the corporate value-added product ranges.

Liquid sugar

liquid sugar is produced by transformation from sugar crystals with a color index that does not exceed 35 ICUMSA and its concentration specified in approximate range between 66.5% - 67.5%. It is especially high in purity and preferred to be used in particular industries for efficient production process such as carbonated beverage and energy beverage industries.

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